Our philosophy

We love sea kayaking in all variations. These amazing boats are built for the sea and really come into their own in wind and waves. We can pack all we need into the hatches for trips on lakes or on the sea. When the lake is as flat as a mirror, we get fascinated by rhythm and speed. Watch out - it can be addictive!

Outdoor activities in a natural environment can cost a lot of energy and become tiring. In our courses we teach functional and sound technique as well as how to move around safely on the water. With this knowledge you can enjoy your trips all the more.

Where ever we paddle – we immerse into a special place for a while. We are able to spot animals on or in the water, we experience amazing moments like the light of the sun peaking through dark clouds and other moods of the weather. We invite you to come and share magical moments on the water with us!

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